The Opportunity

Uncover new E-rate opportunities and get closer to customers through community outreach with Juniper, Securematics and the John Lennon Educational Bus. Build customer relationships based on more than just a good price – have a positive impact on your customer’s community through interactive events that showcase networking solutions and their role in the creation of music. Juniper Networks and Securematics help our partners connect with clients beyond a typical office meeting. We help partners create lasting relationships based on more than a transaction. Watch this video to see how Structure Communications worked with Juniper Networks in the Pacific Northwest to uncover opportunities at local schools.



In 2014, Securematics had a chance encounter with the Lennon Bus. After learning of the Bus’ mission and goals, Securematics executives saw a perfect opportunity to fill a business need and do something meaningful at the same time.

Securematics brought vendor partners Juniper Networks and Dell Software into the conversation, and the three companies offered their respective technology solutions and services to the Lennon Bus’ mission. Juniper Networks updated the tour bus’ firewalls and network security platforms; Dell Software offered its network security software and support; and, Securematics contributed by updating the Lennon Bus’ communications platform.

Prior to the upgrade, the Lennon Bus production crew regularly had issues with file upload timeouts and lost connections that required uploads to be restarted once connectivity was regained. Securematics solved the problem by implementing a wireless wide area network that incorporates all four major cellular carriers and can seamlessly switch to the carrier with the strongest signal without losing data packets. After the implementation, they no longer even think about the network because it has become so reliable.

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a non-profit 501(c)(3) state-of-the-art mobile audio and HD video recording and production facility. In its 19th year, with the very newest technology and gear, the Bus continues to be dedicated to providing young people with tours of the studios and participation in free digital media production workshops. Assisted by three on-board engineers, students can learn how to write, record, and produce original songs, music videos, documentaries, and live multi-camera video productions streamed to the web in real-time – all in one day!

The Lennon Bus is highly adaptable, designed to provide students, their schools and communities with performances, hands-on demonstrations, remote recordings, and studio sessions customized for their needs, levels of experience and interest. The Bus travels the country visiting schools, music and technology conferences and events, and partners with communities and media outlets to call attention to the importance of arts and digital media education.


The Value

Partnering with Securematics goes beyond fulfilling orders to also focus on creative ways to launch products and generate demand. Through unique events, we are able to facilitate conversations with decisions makers and buyers of IT solutions. Combining out-of-the-box programs with a community service aspect, we develop lasting relationships in a fun and memorable environment.


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